The company

In-soft is a software development company founded in 1996 Budapest, Hungary. Its main focus is custom software for any task or problem that may include design, graphics or other media content.


Our mission is to be as flexible as possible. These days specification is rarely set in stone because of the rapid change of environment. We are agile and we have no problem to follow the changes if they make sense.

What is custom software?

Custom software is a software created for a special task or field where no other software exists yet or simply the already existing softwares are not good enough, do not solve the porblem adequately or simply too expensive. Custom software tailored for the exact problem is most likely cheaper, faster and easier to use (more user friendly).

There is a disadvantage however to use custom software for a task. It needs development which is time consuming and inherently error-prone. Time requirement cannot be solved but the number of errors can be minimized. To combat issues that rise during development the team must be flexible to adapt to the changing specification and must use technologies and that help avoid common mistakes even if code changes significantly.

Lifecycle of the software

It is finished when you say so

It is important for us to know what the goals are in detail because sometimes it is unclear which way will succeed faster. We need to think together on the details to avoid as many dead ends as possible (zero is the best). But at the end of the day you need to get a software that solves your problem and so it is you who decide if the software is ready for the task or not yet. As long as the software converges to the final solution we do not hesitate to adapt.


Custom software comes with support. Usually we give one year guarantee and fix all bugs fast and for free without any monthly fees or such.